Outdoor Aerial cable 18AWG Copper Cladded Steel Telephone Drop Wire

Outdoor Aerial cable 18AWG Copper Cladded Steel Telephone Drop Wire

Model No.︰Telephone Cable


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 10 / Roll

Minimum Order︰15 Roll

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Product Description

Outdoor Aerial Communication Drop Wire Telephone Cable 2 Cores 18AWG figure b drop wire




Product Feature




Material: 18 AWG Electrolytic, minimum 99,90% pure copper (Cu), considering the Silver (Ag) as                        copper for the calculation of this percentage
Density: 8.89 g/cm³ at 20ºC
Dimensions: Nominal Diameter: 1.024 mm (18AWG)
                       Specific Section: 0.824 mm squre
                       Min. Diameter : 1.014 mm
                       Max. Diameter: 1.034 mm


2. Conductor traction resistance:  Minimum 45.8 kg/mm squre
Minimum elongation of a conductor at 1500 mm: 0.86%
Electrical properties at 20ºC: 
Resistivity: Max. 0.01793 Ohm mm²/m
Density/Resistivity: Max. 0.15940 g/m²
DC Resistance at 20ºC: Max. 44.5 Ohms/km-Pair


Type: PVC 75ºC
Flame resistance: According to UL 1581-1080.VW-1 (Vertical Wire) Flame Test
Maximum Temperature: 75ºC

Physical requirements:
a) Before Aging:
- Breaking Strength:                Minimum 13.8 MPa (1.41 kg/mm²)
- Elongation until Breaking:    Minimum 150%
b) Aging in a Hot Air Chamber at 121ºC ± 1ºC during 168 hrs:
- Breaking Strength (percentage of the value without aging): Maximum 120
                                                                                                       Minimum    80
- Elongation until Breaking (minimum percentage of the value without aging): 75
c) Aging by immersion in oil at 70ºC ± 1ºC during 4 hrs: 
- Minimum Breaking Strength (percentage of the value without aging): 85
- Elongation until Breaking (minimum percentage of the value without aging): 85


4. Nominal dimensions and tolerances:
A = Height : 3.5mm ± 0.2 mm
B = Width  : 7.0mm ± 0.4 mm
C = Distance between conductors : 3.5mm ± 0.4mm
D = Thickness of the nerve : 1.3mm ± 0.3 mm
Insulation thickness: Nominal: 1.24mm
                                   Minimum at any point: 0.9mm
Polarity identification:   Red trace of 0.8mm + 0.4 mm – 0.1mm, extruded longitudinally over one of the conductors of the drop wire (see figure 1 and 2)

Approximate weight: 39 kg/km

Electrical requirements and tests:

Sparkling: Voltage application during the manufacturing process (after the extrusion) in order to detect pores or other insulation failures
Minimum insulation resistance at 15.6 ºC:
- Between conductors: 92 Mohm/km (500 VCC power must be applied during 1 minute. This test must be realized dry. )
Minimum dielectric breakdown strength  at VCC:
- between both conductors: The insulation must resist during 3 minutes a continuous voltage of 7500 VCC. This test must be realized dry)
Mutual capacity: 64 - 79 nF/km at 1 KHz
Characteristic impedance: 124 ± 20 Ohms
Attenuation: (must be measured in at least 5 samples):


  Maximum Individual Maximum Average
1 KHz 1.3 dB/km 0.95 dB/km
150 KHz 5.2 dB/km 4.70 dB/km
772KHz 18.0 dB/KM 15.00 dB/km


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